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If You’re Not Making Mistakes You’re Not Trying Hard Enough

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with something original ~ Ken Robinson

Entrepreneurship and starting a small business are the process of trial and error. If everything we do and all our decisions end up working out positively every time; we risk losing the opportunity to learn and to grow. Having the courage to make mistakes provides entrepreneurs with new knowledge they would not otherwise have learned. There is always a safe path. It’s well lit and well worn. There are many others who have gone before and led the way. Those on the safe path live on the path and never wander from it. It’s safe. Why would they want anything else?

 Entrepreneurs don’t seek out safe. We look for new. We reach for unique. We start our own path. It’s risky. And it’s filled with the unknown. Sometimes we even look back and think maybe we should go back and take a safe path. Then, we look a bit further ahead and something catches our imagination and we move forward again with a renewed vision.

Entrepreneurs not only test the boundaries of an idea; we push past the boundaries and explore the unknown. And when we reach the point where we have learned what we sought, we should be content. But no. Entrepreneurs continue to reach forward to the next point on the horizon. For us, it’s not the destination, but the journey that calls to us. We are intrigued by the world. We ask “Why?” and “Why not?” And we discover “How” to solve a problem that no one knew existed.

I don’t see failures as being wrong. I see being wrong as an opportunity to learn. The only failure is in giving up before you discover the answer you seek.

I am constantly looking at what I do. My “Why” is unchanging. My “Why” is fed by my passion. What I do and how I do it; these things continually develop and grow. Ideas are refined and refitted. Entrepreneurship and running my own business is perfect for me. It’s my calling. I’ve always been the person to constantly be improving my processes at work and at home. I try to find new ways of doing things that will be easier, or that will get improved results. My end goal has always been the same; help others to become successful.

 As I round the corner on the end of my first full year as a business entrepreneur I look back at the failures and I marvel at the incredible knowledge I have gained through these challenges. Zig Ziglar says, “Failure is an event, not a person”. I also look at the successes of the past year with quiet pride. I am excited about the unknown journey ahead in my second year and I can’t wait to try out and share my new ideas. If I’m not making mistakes, I’m not trying hard enough.


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