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No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google – SEO Information for New Clients at CAH Productions

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google – SEO Information for New Clients at CAH Productions

If you remember nothing else about SEO remember the word “relevant”. Search engines want to provide relevant information to searchers. Simply stuffing keywords on a page will not give you a better ranking. SEO is complex; there is no we are number 1magic formula and the “rules” change constantly.  In fact, your own physical location when you do a search can impact the search results. The same search done from a laptop on the west coast will yield different results than an identical search done from a laptop on the east coast.

So, rather than search for the Holy Grail of SEO, check out these basic points below to help your website improve its SEO ranking.

1) Every page needs a title that contains keywords that are relevant to the content on the page

Your designer should name the pages using the site name and a relevant description of the content on the page. For example, your About Us page should be titled:  Your Website Name – About Us

2) Social networking, blogs and sharing buttons

Search engines will show more results with your name and your company name when you subscribe to social media sites. It’s also important to keep these sites updated on a regular basis so that your content is fresh and relevant. In addition, be sure to include sharing buttons on your website so visitors can share information they found on your site as well as view and subscribe to your social pages.

3) Compelling, informative Content is important

Having more relevant content that is different from other sites in both wording and topics is a great boost for your site’s rankings. In addition, update your content weekly whenever possible but make sure the content maintains a high level of quality. Content should be interesting and informative. Remember; the main focus of your website is to provide compelling information to your prospective clients so that they will want to buy from you.

Taken from Google Support:

Quality guidelines – basic principles

  • Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.
  • Don’t deceive your users.
  • Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. A good rule of thumb is whether you’d feel comfortable explaining what you’ve done to a website that competes with you, or to a Google employee. Another useful test is to ask, “Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn’t exist?”
  • Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.

4) Create links to your website to relevant information using relevant descriptive text

When you create a link in your Facebook page that links back to your own website, be sure to name the link with relevant words.  Linking to a page and saying; “check this out” is much too vague and won’t help Google figure out what you are trying to achieve. Another way to generate links to your website besides social media is to list your company and website on free business listings. There are dozens of these on the internet.  Start with local listings as these are most relevant to the new business owner.

5) Relevant image tags

Ask your designer to include image tags on every image in your website. Tags should be relevant to the picture and content on the page where the picture appears.  A photo of your storefront could be tagged; “your company name store front”, not “do you love our flower bed”.

6) Longevity of your website

It’s no secret, the longer your website remains on the internet the better your ranking. However, websites that are not updated on a regular basis fall in ranking. Search engines want to know that you are maintaining information that is relevant to the current times.  Websites that are left unattended and unkempt fall off the rankings.  If your designer just finished putting the last touches on your site be patient! It can take as long as 6 months or more before search engines start to rank your site on the first 5-10 pages. Of course, much of this depends on other sites who are vying for the same clients. If you sell pizza, you have a lot of competition and it will take some time to move your site up to the first page. If, on the other hand, you sell hand painted snail shells; well you probably will show up in the top 5 of an inquiry.

My last suggestion to new business owners is to get a basic yellow pages local listing on the internet. In most cases, this listing is free with your web hosting account. This small step will help you show up on local searches.

For more reading check out this article from Google Best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site


The Creative Process

Lately I’ve been quite busy with new projects.

Which is fantastic. However, often a pitfall of too much work for a designer is a depletion of resources, namely creative resources. When I feel that I need a boost of creative juice (as in Dr. Suess juice, if you are catching my wave here……~~~~) I put aside the mouse and computer screen and pick up my sketch book and pencil.

A quick aside here for small business owners: When you are looking to hire a graphic and web designer, ask to see their sketch book. There are plenty of “designers” out there my art stuffwho know how to run Photoshop or build a site using WordPress or Joomla templates, but they cannot draw.  Artist, creator, designer; these are all simple words that describe a person who learned to draw, continues to draw and uses these skills in their current title of graphic designer, web designer, artist, illustrator.  Sure, your cousin Joe knows how to Photoshop clip art; but can he draw??

Anyway; n’uff said…

Back to my project:

I need to come up with an imaginary world where my clients characters will live and play on the web site that I am building for him.  Yep, I’m using Joomla for the framework. Why?  Too many great reasons to list here. Mostly, I am offering this CMS to my clients simply because I hear over and over again how they want to have control over their website once it is done.  My own web site; is created purely from code, using div’s and css to control the “modules” of the site.  It probably took me more than 100 hours to complete from start to finish.  I can offer this type of web site to my clients, but it would be expensive. And when they want to change something, it will be expensive and they need me to do the work.  So, after researching many popular CMS systems I decided upon Joomla.  Joomla is easy to understand (great for when I train my clients how to make simple changes); its open source which means upgrades and fixes are readily available to me and my clients as needed; there are many great free templates available that can be manipulated to achieve unique results; it works seamlessly with Google Analytics and SEO and I can create multiple “looks” for my clients which they can turn on and off as needed.

Okay, so I wandered off topic again.

The imaginary world of Wally Goggle:

This is the sketch I made using this photograph of a sunset (I took this photo at Lake Huron)my photographic Inspirationthe sketch

I took the idea of the photograph; added the mountain range and transferred the sketch to a canvas board.

The photo of my photo is actually the photo on my computer screen. I had forgotten about this picture. The sunset is pretty intense. I love the colours and the contrast of the water, rocks and sky.

WGW background stage 1This is the first stage after drawing the sketch onto the canvas and filling in the sky with paint.  The characters of Wally Goggle World were created by artist Andrew Winning. The actual idea of the characters, their names, stories and personalities are the brain-child of Robert Kelly.  Andrew’s style is very illustrative; so using paint and styling the background with bright colours and pencil-like gradients seems to fit the style of the characters.

WGW background stage 2This is stage two: I added the water.  When I paint, I usually work from the background forwards. This is the most common method; as it naturally layers the background, middle ground and foreground on top of each other; creating depth.  I had to really be conscious of my colour choices. My instinct is always to use naturally occurring colours in my artwork, as my leanings are to natural landscape painting and wildlife drawing.    But since this is for a children’s site I needed to use bright colours. So I took a gander at some Dr. Suess work before I started to paint.  I love his stuff. If you ever get the chance to see his artwork don’t pass it up.  Its is something special.

WGW background stage 3This is stage three with the Suess-like mountains: I know I’ve seen this type of mountain before, even the colour is familiar.  Possibly a movie I saw or another illustration.

WGW background stage 4Stage 4 and 5 added the foreground pink rocks. The next stage is to add some foliage to the foreground. You will have to visit the Wally Goggle World WGW background stage 5web site later to see the finished product.  This project will likely take a few months to unfold completely.  I’m hoping to have 80% of the site finished by the end of this month, November.

Branding Branding Branding!

What is branding and why should you care?

Branding is creating an image for your company, its products or services. The branding of your company is a reflect of you, the company owner. This is especially important for new and small business owners to understand. When you are starting up your business, you want to stand out from the crowd and you want a branding image that is easily recognizable by your customers. Good branding follows the same rules of good design;  simple design, be consistent, and make it memorable. All good designers follow these basic elements to help you to create your brand.

Key Elements to Good Branding

Simple Design

Simplicity in branding and logo design entails keeping your logo and brand name clean and simple. Real world examples are Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Levi, Tim Hortons and Ford  to name a few. All of these brands have these things in common; an incredibly simple brand/logo that is consistent across all their products and services and an image that consumers remember and associate with the company products and services!  As a new small business owner, you might think its quaint and homey to use your nephews hand drawn picture of his favourite car for the logo of your new auto service store. But does this reflect how you want your customers to see you? If your aim is to serve only your neighbourhood, family and friends then by all means, use that cute refrigerator artwork.  Branding also entails your company name. Fred’s Friendly Auto Service Centre might be a nice tagline but it’s not a name that consumers will remember consistently. Another aspect of your branding to keep in mind is to try to limit the number of colours in your logo to a maximum of three, with two being preferable. The reasons for this are again, maintaining simplicity and reducing your costs when you decide to have signs, shirts, uniforms, hats and many other advertising products printed. Silk-screeners, embroiders and sign-makers will charge you extra for the additional colours you use in your logo.

Be Consistent

Consistency in branding is key for global and small businesses. Once you decide on your logo, its two or three colours and your catchy and memorable company name; DON’T CHANGE IT!  Use the same branding on everything, your business cards, flyers, web site; everywhere that you want to advertise your business to your customers. Even small changes such as colour can confuse consumers and your business is no longer memorable.

For example: The Ford Oval

ford logo historyThe first Ford Oval trademark was introduced in 1907. While there have been a few small changes to the logo, essentially the Ford branding has not changed in more than  a century. Ford and its products are recognizable world-wide.

Another great example of branding consistency is Coca-Cola:

coca-cola logoFrank Mason Robinson created the CocaCola logo in 1885. Today the logo remains virtually unchanged since the inception of the brand. Another great example of a product and brand that is recognizable world-wide.

Make it Memorable

Lastly, your branding should be memorable. This quality is sure to follow if you paid attention to keeping it simple and consistent. An easy to remember company name along with a bold, simple logo that remains consistent in every bit of publication you produce for your company will work towards creating a brand that is memorable by your customers.  If you see the name Tim Hortons, immediately you think of coffee and donuts. Levis is jeans.  Ford is cars and trucks. There is no confusion and the brand becomes a part of the urban vernacular.

Final Word

So just how do you achieve all of this? As a new business owner, its hard to give up responsibilities to outside sources. Its your “baby” afterall, and as a proud parent, you want to be central to its development and growth, right?  You don’t need to give up the ownership of your ideas, but if you find yourself going round and round, spending sleepless nights and harried days thinking about your company, what to call it and what your logo should look like; why not put your trust into a graphic designer?  Present your passionate ideas and ideals for your “baby” to a designer. Then when your designer returns to you with a few ideas they created fueled by your passion, you can then move forward and onwards to more important things; like growing your business.

Flash vs DHTML

As the World Wide Web matures, and its users become more internet savvy; many businesses looking for a company to build their web site often demand certain features
that they have seen or heard about as being current and cutting edge. One such feature is the implementation of flash and/or flash-based web sites.

While flash sites certainly can offer some great eye-candy to the viewer; they are not necessarily for everyone.  Advantages to using flash include; cross-browser compatibility, eye-catching, moving pictures and interesting interactivity, as well as the ability to easily  use audio and movies on your site. Flash web sites or sites that use some flash interactivity are seen as exciting, modern and cutting-edge cool and will engage the viewer longer on the site, thereby enticing them to try our a product or contact the company for more information.

However; there are also disadvantages to using Flash, and cah productions feels it is important that our customers are aware and educated about their choices for their web pages.

Flash files require longer loading times than html with dynamic page features.  According to internet world stats dot com; of the top 20 countries that use the internet; less than 7% of users world-wide are on a broadband connection. This same statistic is less than 40% in the USA and around the 30% mark for Canadian users.  This means that the majority of your viewers will have extended wait times while your web pages load, if you have incorporated a flash generated home page or other flash features on your web site.  Think of it as if they walked into your store, and saw a line up of 10 or more people at the counter. Some may wait patiently in line, others may decide to go elsewhere.

Another huge disadvantage to flash-only or flash-heavy web sites is that flash is not optimized for search engine indexing, and as a result, the content of your Flash animation is not visible for search engine spiders.  Prospective customers who are searching for you via google or bing or another popular search engine will not be able to find your web site.  This is like having a store front with a beautiful animated banner; but the banner is obscured by the trees and bushes in front of your store.

Flash requires a plug-in. In addition to many users not having broadband connection, there are just as many who have not updated their browser or plug-ins and are using older computers. These users are unwilling or often unable to upgrade and will be unable to view your amazing flash pages without the plug-in application.

Viewers will lose accessibility and usability when viewing a flash site. Font size cannot be changed and screen readers cannot read the pages. Somewhat like not having a wheelchair accessible ramp to your storefront; these customers will be unable to access your store.

Flash is unavailable on most cell phones and mobile devices. This will undoubtedly keep your mobile users from viewing your site and again restrict your viewing audience.

Flash is also more expensive to create and maintain. Changes require extensive additional flash features to be created and clients cannot freely change content in flash pages on their own.

So what is the alternative?

Web pages can be built with many interactive features; forms, drop down menus, moving pictures/special effects, video and audio and more by using alternatives to flash. Cah Productions can show you what we can do to make your pages exciting, while keeping your costs down, your viewers engaged and your web site easily accessible and discoverable by your customers.

Peruse our pages on our web site to see some of these features in action, or call or email us now for more information.

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Designing Tips by cah Productions

Steps to Realizing Your Design Vision:

  1. Have a solid vision of what you want.
  2. Express your vision to a creative designer.
  3. Review several mockups your designer has created for you.
  4. Select one mockup that is closest to your vision.
  5. Suggest changes you want if required.
  6. Use your final design on various media to achieve the best impact, ie: posters, flyers and web.
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